33637_101813199889263_6543321_nMY ART : “Yes, my soul , you are now immersed ECSTASY . Ecstasy is your language , your personal scent , your Divine express that many have forgotten away from you. Yes, the company is always against you and the more we move away from you because in her there is a huge interest in keeping everyone in the state in which it is located . Yeah, because ECSTATIC MAN WILL CAN ONLY TO BE FREE : THE ECSTASY AND ‘ PURE FREEDOM ‘ . so you my soul , you want to dance under the starry sky , joyful walk in the rain and let yourself be led by the winds, have talks with the sun and with the moon and let you capture the wonderful performances of Mother Nature, finally find your space, L ‘ INFINITE , THE iMMENSE … So immersed in your precious essence , you let yourself go in that ‘ ECSTATIC FLIGHT … around your Seven Energy Centers , to your seven LOTUS FLOWER to meet yourself in an immense feeling of joy that will turn you into the Divine Meditation …
Yes, then your mind, your soul and your seven bodies will be attracted to each other and you will become the most GREAT PASSION OF LOVE … It will become your orgasm Divine YOUR FLIGHT ECSTATIC …

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Un mio piccolo pensiero per te, spero che ti piace. Ho lavorato tutta la notte dalle ore 23:00 fino alle ore 02:00

Con grande ammirazione, Omar

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Buon giorno Mondo!

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